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Braco Live Events

Braco Live Events 2014:

San Diego,  CA
Feb 11 -12
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
San Francisco, CA
Feb 14-16
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Linking intentions, dreams, light-working stories of transformational gifts of silent peace, joy, love, hope, healthy, helpful healing service for humanity via Braco live gazing events and Braco-tv.com live streaming.


Braco’s live events were booked in Europe four years in advance, but he found a way to open up new, special time for the US. In 2010 Braco stepped further into his own visions of experiencing an embrace of paradise. Coming to the Hawaiian Islands’ Big Island, Maui, and Oahu to “make the gaze” at the invitation of the Earth Transformation Conference’s Angelika Whitecliff & Dr. Michael Salla (Awakening Within & Braco.net) set a new course for Braco’s journey.

As the words of Ivica, the beloved Serbian prophet and healer who had long ago foreseen this “new world” for Braco played forward, those who have embraced Braco first one on one and then at live gazing events in Europe the past 17 years held their breath. It was a glorious journey with not only meeting the people of the Hawaiian islands, but new partnerships were forged. With Braco’s blessing the first American documentary on Braco was born by filmmakers Karl Fink, Jane Sibbett, and Megan MacArthur in Braco, The Gaze of Light.

Braco enjoyed his time here so much he agreed to return to Hawaii as quickly as April with a maiden voyage to California immediately following asking Jane Sibbett to shepherd the very first Braco live event in her former home of Los Angeles. Braco dubbed the new production entity “Braco America” as Sibbett joined with MacArthur to fly to LA. Here Braco met sold out crowds with only a few weeks notice, no publicity, and word of mouth only. Testimonials from the very session were mind blowing. Chris, an educator, who’d not been able to walk for years due to a botched surgery reported that after only a single gazing session with Braco that he walked up the stairs, out the door, where he directly bumped into the cameras of the documentary crew. Here he tearfully shared he’d come to this first mainland Braco live event as a skeptic, but now he was walking. “It’s a miracle. This is a miracle. I’m so grateful.” Chris’ story was one of many “miracles” attributed to Braco this tour.

Karl Fink, manning the tour boards from the islands with crucial support, continued editing, co-directing, and co-producing the documentary with Sibbett & MacArthur, and now two years, three documentaries, dozens of shorts, and more than 20 stops later all over the world with Braco, the Braco America Family is a global community of such love that we are still pinching ourselves with wonder. With a team of volunteers who dedicate themselves to helping by flying all over the United States for our events, translators working in 9 different languages and on four different continents, plus a vessel of caring via the Braco, America Facebook site, Braco America is happy to be here with you on the mission of hope, well-being and love.


Where in the world does Braco go?

Now with Braco-tv live streaming we go everywhere in the world you can receive a solid Internet connection. From the lush tropical paradise of Hawaii to the red rocks of Sedona to the expansive ballroom of Braco’s live events in Los Angeles, and the groovy SOMA art gallery of San Francisco, Braco’s gift has also been shared to Jackson Hole, WY and Mt. Shasta, CA linking more and more from Vegas to the Big Island and Topanga, CA (just outside of LA) Portland, Oregon, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, too. 2011 Spring brought, Braco and the Braco America Live Events and Braco-tv Live Streaming tour to three new cities — San Diego, CA, Phoenix, Arizona, and the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado reaching record numbers in the US. Last autumn we added Seattle, Washington with Braco live and live streaming events in Tucson, Arizona in March and April, 2012 as the latest cities in our western world adventure. We’ve loved our journey with Braco all over the West, Pacific Northwest, and Southwest regions and we know there are many more cities with many more wonderful people also in Braco’s wings.

The prophecies of Ivica historically have been right on the mark, so with that in mind, Ivica’s vision that the numbers who come see Braco here in the “new world” will quickly swell past the hundreds of thousands that Braco already sees each year in Europe beg us to encourage those who enjoy more intimate and slightly longer group sessions with Braco, perhaps may wish to do so while we still can. In Europe the visitors are limited to just one gazing a day for there are so many who wish to see Braco, but here in America, at least for now, visitors can go cycle into the lines of Braco Gazing sessions all day long. We feel very blessed and hope you enjoy it while you can.

Join us!

If you don’t go, you don’t see.


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View Gazing with Braco Testimonial from Josip, the Vietnam Vet



You must be at least 18 years old to attend a gazing with Braco session and no pregnant women beyond their first trimester may attend. This is in your best interest so we appreciate your understanding.


All tickets for Braco live events in America are $8.00 per session. Braco – tv Live stream tickets are $3.00.


Please note that Braco personally takes no payment for this gift of healing and the gazing sessions. The ticket prices helps defray the producers’ overall tour costs, (room rentals and reservations, AV rentals and personnel, event insurance, travel expenses, and much, much more), as well as supports Braco’s center in Zagreb, Croatia. We are doing our best to keep this affordable so more may experience Braco’s Gaze. Thank you for your support.


FYI … BracoAmerica has also arranged for reduced seasonal rates at most all of the venue hotels for our Braco Live events. See the Braco Live Event page for each city of your interest for more info.


Subscribe to online travel alerts on the Internet or post a ride and/or room share request via our Braco, America Facebook


Many feeling great gratitude for all that Braco they say has done for them and then wish to give Braco a donation, but he’s never taken anything of the sort. He simply does not take donations. However, if you wish to “give back” to Braco, many believe the best way is to “pay the gift forward” — Invite your friends and family to join you at a Braco live event, invite them to the Braco-tv live stream on their own computer or with you at your home, library or community center, share with others the links of this site, tell them your story, send forward bits of the stories from our Braco America Testimonial Page, or give a Braco DVD, a book. Many are donating DVDs and books to libraries and hospitals, shelters and relief centers. Some bring back a special sun(ce) symbol (only available for purchase at Braco live events) and give it as a gift to loved ones. Even speaking simply to others and asking how far can we stretch our imaginations toward global peace and personal well-being is a gift that works much in the same way as many of us are inspired when we work with Braco.

Share the love …

Go ahead, we dare you. You can make a difference, not just in one person’s life, but in this whole, wide, wonderful world.

If you would like a high resolution flier to share hand to hand, heart to heart, then please write to bracoamerica@gmail.com and we will happily send you one. Bless you.)




Look for us on the ever-growing Braco America Facebook where friendships bloom and communities of great kindred hearts are weaving together daily. This is not your normal social network. We are thrilled every day that the Braco America Facebook site is overflowing with joy and phenomenal testimonials of transformation. Follow our tweets (links at top) or join us on Braco, America Facebook for the very latest news.


Ever wonder how you might BE a part of the solution to help the planet Earth and her people? Think about it and then take a hint from Braco and see your love making a difference above & below by connecting here with true intention for peace and well-being for all life big and small. Blessings flow…



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The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church or ideology.
Sessions are open to everyone regardless of religion, race or culture.
Braco does not promise any help or cure.
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