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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I sign up for the FREE stream on August 30th?

A: All you have to do to receive the FREE stream is log in to Braco-tv.com and go to the Media Player page. The stream will automatically be assigned to you. Nothing else to do but remember to log in and view the stream at 1:00 pm MST on August 30th. (Click here to go to Braco TV.)
Q: Who can sign up for the FREE session?

A: Everyone! We wanted to give our Braco streaming friends a FREE stream and also create an opportunity for your friends and family who haven’t yet experienced a Braco live stream to try it out. If you know someone you think would enjoy live streaming with Braco but they haven’t tried it yet, now is their chance to experience a Braco live stream for free. For new streamers to receive a free stream, all they need to do is go to Braco-tv.com and create a log in account. Once they have created their account, they will automatically receive the free stream. To view the free stream, they simply log in to their new Braco TV account a few minutes before at 1:00 pm MST on August 30th. They will be taken directly to the player page and the free stream will start automatically. (Click here to go to Braco TV.)
Q: I have some questions about the live streaming with Braco…

A: Let’s stop you right there and redirect you to the FAQs for the live streaming.
Click: Braco Live Streaming
Q: I have questions about getting tickets to a live event.

A:  Here is the link to FAQs for live event tickets
Q: What is it like to gaze with Braco?  How does it feel?

A: For every person who gazes with Braco, we hear of a different experience.   What’s been captured thus far for the Wild Aloha Studios’ documentaries being created about Braco and his adventure coming here speaks to the myriad images, feelings, and ways in which the energy which Braco offers displays itself for each individual and the desires or needs their Soul expresses.

But how does it feel for us? Each session gazing with Braco brings a wild number of sensations, thoughts, small and large healings, but each and every time it truly feels awesome in the most original spectacularly textured sense.  We walk away with awe how simply by gazing into the eyes of this dear man we can be flooded with such intense joy, warmth, pleasure, connection and a kind of sweetness not ever experienced before.  Pure yummy delight — and the fact that healings also occur — how can you not want to dive in again and again?


 Q. Yes, but what happens in a gazing session?

Each experience gazing with Braco is an individually unique experience.  After a short introduction,  we often have a film clip sharing visually a bit more of Braco’s history.  It is then that we share how the gazing session goes.  As a group we stand, if physically able to stand, and Braco comes out to silently gaze over the crowd from a raised platform so everyone has a good view and visa versa.

No one is led to meditate, though many hold thoughts, wishes, or intentions sometimes bolstered by pictures of loved ones over their heart while Braco gazes. Then, after approximately seven minutes, he departs the room.  The experience for many deepens further upon his departure and so we have a few minutes of silent integration before we begin sharing what people may have experienced.  Often it is in the sharing that others feel their bodies realign, as if each healing stories also heals the next, daring another one to burst forth.  Braco has shared that this sharing can be as integral to the transformation process as anything so while many may wish they can simply marinade in the sensations of the gaze quietly on their own, Braco specifically asks us to bring that which has awakened within us and share it, like kindling our sparks to create something much greater than what we can do solo.

As we said, each may have a very different experience.  One may be crying with tears of relief or bliss that chronic pain has suddenly disappeared, another giddy to the point of unexplainable laughter.  One person may see some morphing, another sitting just seats away won’t see anything. One doesn’t even need to see Braco (in the case of some shorter in a big room) to have Braco’s gift reach them.  That which Braco projects via the gaze is beyond the time space continuum and so it even can reach people before they come to the event or long after.  Though there are never any guarantees, but many people report transformations happening instantaneously.  Others experience their gift a few months after while some get an altogether different outcome that perhaps what they were intending, but then report later that the gift was precious and often better than they could have imagined on their own.  Again, there are no guarantees, but at the very least in every gazing session you’ll be surrounded by many many others who are experiencing miracle consciousness as as easy as if it were feeling a smile grow across their face.


We hope you’ll come and join us, though do know one must be over 18 years old and not pregnant past her first trimester.

It’s as vast a challenge to explain as trying to capture the essence of love — perhaps that’s one reason why Braco stopped speaking in public 8+ years ago – feeling it is best to leave it up to the people to decide for themselves what it is, how it works, or simply just to accept it as a great mysterious gift.

To read more, please click:  How To Gaze


Q:  What about those who need special assistance with seating due to physical challenges?

Preferential seating is only offered to those who require assistance  (wheelchairs and walkers) or with extremely limited mobility as is available.  We ask you to employ your integrity in sitting in this area as many in the room have extraordinary needs without the obvious signs of assistance. The gift conveyed by Braco doesn’t need one to be front and center as is proven time and again by those simply holding the images of loved ones when they experience Braco’s gaze even from the back of a room.


Q:  I’d like to volunteer for the next event(s).  Where do I sign up?

A:  Hooray!  We couldn’t do any of this without our beloved and dedicated volunteers and we encourage you to write to us at volunteer.bracoamerica@gmail.com and we’ll send you a brief questionnaire to let us know your background, areas of interest in working with Braco, and your own experience with Braco.  We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, peaceful team to lead and assist in the various important functions around putting on an event.


Q:  How can I participate in a live stream gaze with Braco?

A: Click on our Live Streaming page for more information on how you may be a part.


Q: Where is the Braco America team now? 

A:   We are prepping for the next wave of all things Braco-wonderful & getting ready for our live and live streaming events in May — from Oregon & California, plus working on new products for our tour including bringing Ivica’s book to America for the first time and a new DVD. We always have a lot of new surprises to share along the way so be sure to Opt-in to our Braco America Contact List here on our website to be kept apprised of all the live and live streaming event news now.


For the latest breaking news follow our tweets or join us on Braco America Facebook pages to hear/see/live vicariously.  Love to have you be a part!



To get the latest schedule for both live and live streaming events, on Braco and Braco America news please click here to opt-in to The Braco America Contact List.








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The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church or ideology.
Sessions are open to everyone regardless of religion, race or culture.
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