A Gift of Transformation

Gazing Through Croatian Eyes

Another in our series of favorite blogs from our former site reposted for your enjoyment and education about Braco.  Srebrnak 1 – Real time in Braco & Ivica’s healing center in Zagreb, Croatia -guest blog by Suzi Williams.This following blog by Croatian born and raised Suzi Williams is Part One in a series of Guest Blogs brought to you by the many friends of Braco America who will happily be sharing here on this website and other linked and approved Braco sites. Offering a unique perspective, Suzi’s mother came to visit Ivica before Braco arrived on the scene and between the two women we’ve been privileged on our tour in the western world to have some wonderful stories about not only Ivica, the prophet/healer, who foresaw Braco coming, but from the days also before Braco stopped speaking. This blog is a a tale of seeing Braco before he came to our western shores for the first time in April, 2010, but is just as timely today.

Woke up early this morning, quick cup of coffee and my mom and I pile in the car for a two hour drive. It’s going to be another hot day today, hope the traffic is not too bad…. Sun is rising and the traffic is light, nice. My stomach is in knots, as always, this nervous, exciting happy feeling is taking over me, I’m buzzing inside!

Driving into this big city is always a task – my mom can never remember how to get there and I am too shy to roll down my window and ask for directions, my mom is getting a bit frustrated with my shyness and yells across me to a man on the tram station: “Excuse me Sir, which way to Kvartich?” After about 30 min. of driving in circles we somehow ended up at our destination, miraculously find parking and here we go.

Walking up the driveway, I’m feeling like I’m floating, so happy to be here, Welcome Home! echoes in my head. Can’t help but smile, this place is such a happy place for me. There are people outside, in front of the building, quietly talking, sipping on coffee and smoking their cigarettes. A quiet man welcomes us with a smile and he nods, as if he recognized us. He tells us to wait outside, we will be called in shortly. The sun is high by now, it’s hot and there is not much shade, but who cares? I’m enjoying this heat, I’m here, I’m playing with the bamboo leaves and admiring how fast they grew. Looking around at the plants and soaking in the image of the building in front of me. I don’t even remember anymore how it looked like the first time I was here in 1997. It’s beautiful, they did remodel it nicely. I’m trying to take in all the details, because, I can come here only once a year, I need to be able to close my eyes and see this in my mind when I go back to California.
About 45 min later, a big group of people exits through the main door and quietly follows Miki to the big double doors. They disappear around the corner and we are all starting to feel the excitement – we are next to go in! Another 10-15 min. passes and the group exits – you can see and feel the energy with them, they are different than 10 minutes ago. They seem to have more joy, more life in their steps, smiles are bigger, nobody looks sad or worried. What a transformation! One man from the group tries to walk back up towards us, but he is stopped – Sorry Sir, you can go in only once a day, please come back tomorrow if you can! He nods in understanding and walks away, wonder if he’ll be back tomorrow? No questions asked, no trying to get his way, not trying to manipulate the situation to be allowed to come in again, those are the rules here and they are to be respected.

We are invited inside! There is a single line forming, everybody is waiting for their turn, there is no rush, no hurrying to get in first, we all go inside when our turn comes. We are greeted at the doors with a soft “Good Morning! Please take these seats” Everybody sits down where asked to sit, chairs are filling up fast. We are enjoying the air-conditioned room, it feels so good. Quiet, soothing music is playing and there is a feeling of calmness and peace coming over us. Nobody is loud, there is no loud “HEY! How are you!” only quiet, soft voices if someone is talking. But the talking goes away as we all settle into this feeling – we are feeling the energy, it’s here, it’s all around us. I’m trying to calm myself down, but I am so happy that it’s too hard. I’m taking deep breaths and trying to think of all the things I came here for. I know the Energy is here, I can feel it, I know I can “ask” in my head for everything that I need, but I’m just so happy I can’t focus. Secretly I’m hoping he’s not here, that the Voice is here, I’m always more relaxed with the voice and I get more “done”. My mom whispers to me: “He’s here today! His “team” is here!” There goes my plan, puff out the window! Oh well, I love seeing him! It’s so quiet in the waiting room, we are jam packed and there is a few people standing. The smell of flowers is intensifying, and I wondered, who brought in the flowers that are on the walls and all around the room today? They are beautiful, and the paintings on the walls are nice. Different from many years ago when there were actual photographs, now, there are only paintings, you can see and feel, they were painted with so much love and gratitude, they feel alive, Ivica feels so full of life and spark, his eyes are so powerful, you can’t help but get mesmerized by them.

Looking around the room, everybody is quiet with their thoughts, some people are meditating, and I can feel myself calming down but full of joy! The doors open, that used to be the room where Braco would see us. Not anymore, now we go into that room for a short introduction, an opportunity to purchase a DVD or a book or Sunce jewelry. There is few newcomers, and we are encouraged to share our experience. I never do, just can’t get the courage to share. There is always a person who has someone in the United States who is unable to personally come and see Braco. Do I know that story, so many years passed before I was able to see Braco in person. I smile in recognition of the story, but still can’t say anything. No worries, there is plenty of people who love to share. Introduction and sharing is brief, a few minutes and all who wish to purchase something are asked to do that as we are ready to go into the Onyx Room. Once again, quietly and respectfully, everyone is lead outside and into the Onyx Room. That room always takes my breath away, just stunning!

Savez is lining us up and quickly we are in one big, tight group. “But wait, why did you put me behind this tall man? I can’t see over him! “ a little voice in my head screams, I have to shush it, who am I to question where my place in this room is? This exact spot was meant for me on this day and I will not let this negative thought enter my head and my soul, no way. I am staying behind this tall man and even if I don’t know the reason why he is in front of me, I have to trust that the energy and destiny that put me here knows the best place for me. How silly it is to think that I will not receive what I was meant to get today just because I can’t see? Silly it is! I was not able to physically see Braco for so many years, but he was still able to help me, change my life completely, heal my child without me ever being in his presence, only with my picture. Energy doesn’t stop from reaching me just because there is a tall person in front of me. Energy doesn’t discriminate against short people, does it? Of course not! It really doesn’t matter if you are the shortest, smallest person in the group standing behind the biggest, tallest person, the Energy will reach you at the right time. Maybe this tall man in front of me is in a greater need of help than I am? Is that person behind me fighting a incurable disease, is the man in the back row here for his gravely ill child? Who am I to question why was I put where I cannot see Braco’s eyes? All I know is that the Source, the Energy will come to me when the time is right, not when I think I need it. The Source knows what and where the help is needed and I am here just to thank them for all the help my family and I already received. I’m holding the pictures of my family and try to relax my body and think of what I wanted to say. Familiar music starts, I get goosebumps all over and after a quick announcement, Braco comes out. The gaze is on, I’m saying the names of the people whose pictures I’m holding and what it is they need, and I’m saying “Thank you for everything” over and over again. I can only see a glimpse of Braco, so I close my eyes and focus on the Energy and what am I here for. It goes by so fast, the music stops and Braco exits the room. I take a deep breath and we slowly start making our way outside.

It’s amazing how quick it goes by and at the same time, this is all we need, just one short single gaze. Everybody is so calm, nobody is rushing to get in front of you or trying to get out first, it’s very orderly and respectful, actually, amazing to see. Every time I come here, it is the same quiet, respectful, very orderly way of gazing, you feel like you are with a very close nit family who genuinely care about their fellow gazers. You let elderly go ahead, help out if needed and offer an encouraging smile to a person that looks sad. Yes, that feeling of being home here. I’m happy, smiling, energized, feeling like I can conquer the World! I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to be here. My heart finally stops beating so fast, after hours of excitement. It’s afternoon and time to find our hot car and drive another two hours back home. I don’t like leaving, I want to stay but we can’t, only people waiting to go in can stay. I walk slowly down the driveway and often stopping before reaching the gates to go out in the street. I touch it one more time and we leave. I’ll be back next year!

How was my gaze this time? Well, it is always the same, from the very first time I’ve seen Braco, when he was still talking and working with us one on one, to now with the gaze and the voice, it’s always the same experience for me. I don’t see auras, I don’t feel or hear anything, just my fast beating heart and feeling of pure happiness. I always wonder how all these people can see the auras, face morphing, energy rush, heat, etc. and I can’t? Well, maybe it was not my time and place to see it yet? Maybe I’m too much of a critical mind? Maybe I need to relax a bit? I accepted the fact that I may not be one of the lucky ones who experience all this, and I was OK with that. Then, the time before this one, we were told that Braco isn’t here, but his Voice is, so, I was relaxed and happy that I’ll be able to focus better. We entered the Onyx room and when the music started, I heard: Here is Braco! That was such a surprise that I didn’t have time to react, and the energy hit me so strong, entered through my eyes, down through every inch of my body to my toes and came back out the same way it came in – the tears were unstoppable and the energy was incredible. That was the first and only time in over 10 years that I had an experience like that. I had to wait over 10 years to feel that, and it was definitely worth the wait! Coming back today, I had my “normal” experience again, so I figured it was something that I really needed that time and I received what was meant for me. Being content with what I’ve received, I left Srebrnjak thinking, that one time was very special and probably will not repeat again. I didn’t then know the time of great changes was/is coming and that Braco would reach the US, but oh, everything changed for me when Braco came to San Francisco in June of 2010!

(to be continued)

We feel so blessed to be able to share this slice of life with you and hope that you will stay tuned for more, soon!

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  1. Mahalo Suzi for sharing this story ~ this glimpse in into Srebrjak 1 ….. shyness does not extend to your writing which is so warm and clear

    I felt after reading ~ connected ~ to everyone there in Zagreb which then expanded out to all the people who I have heard and seen through the testimonials, saw in Tucson, see on the Live Streaming … how beautiful and big this family is … growing across time and experience with the Light through Ivica and Braco

    lovely and gentle and real ~ my heart feels like it is glowing as i write this

    * mahalo * namaste *

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