How To Clear Up And Clean A Green Swimming Pool

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Cleaning a Green Pool and Preventing the Formation of Algae

A swimming pool in your backyard is a fun thing to have that can significantly raise your status among your neighbors. It is not too expensive to construct and gives you the luxury of cooling off with a swim any time of the day and year-round use if you can heat the water for use during winter. It does, however, require you to pay sufficient attention to the cleaning and maintaining of the pool.swimming pool

One problem that can occur with pools where the water has not been adequately chlorinated is that the pool water can start showing a greenish hue. The lack of chlorine allows algae and other microorganisms to build up so that all the water turns green. There is no better way to clean a green pool than to use chemicals that can rid your pool of algae and have the green water rolling clear once again, and be just as inviting for a swim. At the same time, you need to check up on the effectiveness of your filtration system, that is a necessity for any swimming pool. A combination of correct filtering and chemicals will clean your pool water. It can also help to periodically check the chemical balance of the water in the swimming pool. Water that is alkaline will be high on pH and low on chlorine, and this water will always display a green tinge. Pool test strips are available in stores that give you various supplies for the pool, and you need to be aware of how these should be used, and what the multiple results indicate.

Algae that lead to a green pool can flourish due to any number of reasons, though the main reason always is poor maintenance, circulation, filtration, and neglect of regular testing that can indicate the health of the water. There are many types of algae and all of them from being prevented from being part of your pool water. Foremost, you need to see that the water in the pool always has the right levels of the required chemicals, which you must acquaint yourself with when you first install the pool. It can also help if you regularly clean the pool of leaves and other debris that does accumulate on lakes that are exposed to the environment. Walls and floors will turn slimy as a first indication of the likely build up of algae, and it can help if you regularly brush the surfaces with stiff brushes and let the debris get filtered out through the filtration system. It can lead to filters getting clogged, and you will need to clean them at regular intervals. It can help if the pumps keep circulating water for a fair bit of time after you have finished using the pool.

You can get various algaecides that can act against the formation of this green color of the water. Be vigilant and start taking action as soon as you notice the water turning cloudy, as this is a sign of a chemical imbalance that can turn your water green.

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