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Braco TV Live Streaming – Bringing Braco’s Gaze to Hearts Around the World

Braco TV is lovingly co-created for you with great heart and commitment to be in service to the well-being of all people everywhere around the globe. Word of Braco’s live stream gaze on Braco TV is spreading like wildfire in chat rooms & sites like Braco America, Facebook.  People who’ve experienced Braco’s Live Stream gaze continually report amazing stories of transformation and healing for themselves, their families and friends, simply from viewing Braco’s gaze on their computers, smart phones, or tablets.


What exactly is Live Streaming?  For those who may not know, Live Streaming is a live Internet broadcast of a Braco gazing session. The wonderful technology of the Internet now allows us to capture and broadcast world wide the Braco Live Event sessions around the world and also “Straight to Camera” sessions where Braco gazes directly into the camera.  It’s very simple to experience Live Streaming now with Braco-TV.com and we’re excited by the technology because it allows us to bring the gift of Braco directly into your home, almost anywhere in the world. We knew from the Skype sessions we experienced with Braco

Braco-TV  Live Streaming Schedule


Please check back, we will post new live streaming schedule from www.Braco-TV.com in the near future



back in October of 2009 the Internet was a powerful way to convey Braco’s gaze.  Later, we experimented more with transmitting Braco’s gaze electronically by Skyping him to an audience in the Sheraton Keauhou’s Convention Center during the January 2010 Earth Transformation Conference.  People were amazed by what they felt.

While the reactions were many, from tears of joy, to hearing loss reversed, to a long suffering relationship being healed, the consensus among those who experienced the Skype session was they loved it.  It was because the experience of Braco’s gaze over the Internet was received so powerfully by so many we committed to making the leap to live streaming so we could bring Braco to the world, and now with Braco-TV.com we’re able to do just that.

Got internet? If you do, we’d love to have you join us for a great ride on the stream. Not sure what to do? Start by reading the Live Streaming Instructions. That will get you started on an amazing adventure with Braco on Braco-tv.com.


Curious how the Live Streaming works for people connecting to Braco’s gaze from around the world?  Click to read: Live Streaming Testimonials

Get Tickets from Braco-TV.com

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Live Stream gazing and not pregnant past your first trimester. These rules are in your best interest and your integrity in honoring Braco’s wishes is expected. Thank you.

Tickets for the August live streaming sessions with Braco via Braco-tv.com are now on sale. Tickets for Braco Live Streaming sessions are $3.00 per session.

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If you are new to Live Streaming or have questions about streaming on Braco-TV.com, please click here for more information and streaming instructions, or watch the tutorial video below.



If you would like to be notified of upcoming Live Streaming events, please check the “Notify” box when you create your Braco TV log-in on Braco-TV.com.



Now, wherever you are in the world you may connect with Braco by Live Streaming on Braco-TV

Igniting the Whole World at Once

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PLEASE CHECK EARLY TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT INTERNET DOWNLOAD SPEED, THE LATEST VERSION OF YOUR BROWSER & THE LATEST VERSION OF ADOBE FLASH before purchasing tickets.  You can do this easily by logging in to Braco-TV.com and clicking on the “SUPPORT” link from the menu bar.  Braco-TV will run its diagnostic tool on your system to assess your readiness to stream.



NO RECORDING OR PHOTOGRAPHING BRACO’S GAZE OR ANY PORTION OF THE LIVE STREAM IS PERMITTED EVER. Thank you for always respecting Braco’s wishes. There are no recorded versions of any previous Braco-tv live streams as this is ILLEGAL per our agreement, and punishable not only by US copyright laws, but karmic law. We’ve heard reports that some have tried and it breaks our hearts Braco’s wishes are being disrespected when he gives his gift so generously. Funds generated by Braco events and streams go to pay for the costly equipment and venues which make it possible for people to receive this opportunity to connect with Braco’s gift so your integrity working with Braco’s energy and not ever recording OR photographing of any portion of any stream is expected and appreciated.


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The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church or ideology.
Sessions are open to everyone regardless of religion, race or culture.
Braco does not promise any help or cure.
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