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Live Streaming FAQs

Live streaming is a wonderful portal through which the entire world may have access to Braco’s gaze. When it works, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t, it’s frustrating. We would like to remind our veteran streamers, and those coming to live streaming for the first time, this isn’t like modern day television where you can just turn it on and it works. These are the pioneer days of Internet streaming, more like the 50′s for television, where it wasn’t uncommon to see Dad on the roof of the house with a skyscraper of a tv antennae in one hand wrapping a huge flap of foil around it with the other, calling to the kids below – “you see anything yet?” Streaming is new, it’s exciting, it’s the future. But there are still bugs to be worked out. Hopefully this FAQ page will help iron out some of the bumps for you.


Q:  How does the live streaming process work? 

A:  The live streaming process has been designed to be as simple as possible.  There are three steps to live streaming on Braco-TV.com.

  1. Create your own, unique Log in.  The site walks you through this step by step.
  2. Evaluate your system using the Diagnostic Tool on Braco-TV.com
  3. Purchase the streams you would like to view.

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please visit the LIVE STREAMING INSTRUCTIONS PAGE.


Q: I bought my tickets early.  Will you send me information on what to do next?

A:  Once you have purchased your tickets you are ready to stream.  We don’t send out passwords or links like you may have experienced with other streaming sites.  You simply log-in to Braco-TV.com when it’s time for your first streaming session.  We recommend logging in early to make sure everything is set up and ready to go.   After you’ve purchased tickets, when you log in you will be brought directly to the Media Player page.  There  you will see a photo of Braco on the player, with a countdown clock beneath him.  The clock is counting down to your first session.

To confirm the sessions you purchased, click on the “Sessions” button located to the right of the player above the “Chat Box.”  The sessions you purchased will be listed as “Booked” in white letters.  Any sessions you haven’t purchased will be listed with a green “Click to Purchase” button on the session.  You may click the green button to purchase those sessions.

Q:  I would like to purchase tickets as a gift for someone else.  How can I do that?

A:  You can purchase tickets for someone else very easily.   They must first have a log-in account on Braco-tv.com.  If they already have a log-in account, you can simply log in to their account using their log-in credentials and purchase streams with your credit card or Paypal account.   If they don’t have a Braco-tv.com log-in, they will need to create one, or you can create it for them and then log in to their account and purchase streams with your credit card or Paypal account.


Q: I only have Wi-fi.  Will the stream still work if I don’t have a hard wired connection?

A:  Usually yes, though it depends entirely on the speed of the WI-FI.  For the stream to come through smoothly you need a minimum download speed of 1mbps.  We often use WI-FI in the Ballroom to monitor the stream and it works very well.  We recommend using the DIAGNOSTIC TOOL on Braco-TV.com to evaluate the speed of your WI-FI, or you can run at speed test by going to SPEEDTEST.net.


Q: What kind of browser should I use?

A: Firefox and Safari seem to be the best browsers for this type of live streaming broadcast.  Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have produced mixed results.  Another element that can affect the quality of your stream is the version of the browser you’re using.  More current versions are generally better.  Use our Braco-tv.com diagnostic tool to evaluate your browser and confirm the version you’re using.


Q: Do I need any special software or do I need to download any programs to view a Braco-tv.com event?

A: You must have Adobe Flash installed and it is recommended that you use the latest version available.  To download Adobe Flash or upgrade to the newest version, use our diagnostic tool on Braco-tv.com


Q: Can I purchase tickets using Paypal?

A:  Yes, you may purchase live streaming tickets using Paypal.  Please note there is a handling fee for all Paypal purchases to cover the onerous fees Paypal charges us per transaction.  If you prefer to purchase your tickets without the handling fee, you may purchase them using a credit card.


Q:  I wasn’t able to view the live stream. May I get a refund?

A:  Credits or refunds will only be issued if it is determined there is a malfunction sending out the stream. Braco-tv.com is NOT responsible for user end issues, i.e., the failure of your local server, personal computer problems, logging on at the wrong time, etc.  If there is a malfunction sending out the stream from ourt end we will notify everyone via the chat box and Braco America Facebook.  When this occurs we typically offer credits or free streams to make up for the lost stream.  To request a refund for confirmed Braco-tv.com issues please send an email to tickets.bracoamerica@gmail.com.

Please do not call or send emails to BluePay – they cannot help you.  They are only the payment gateway providers. They cannot issue refunds. Please consider all Braco tickets as you would for any live event – concert, seminar, or theatrical event  – and follow the suggestions above testing your connection first, choosing your times carefully and arrive early to the live stream to keep out of any bottleneck of unforeseen traffic.


Q:  I love the Braco-tv Live Stream and want to share with everyone I know.  Do you have any tips?

A:  Bless you for wanting to share Braco-tv Live Streaming events with you friends and family.  You can send them a link to the BracoAmerica.com Live Streaming page, or show them the new Braco-tv Live Streaming Tutorial on YouTube AND now, before, during, and after the Braco-tv.com Live Streaming sessions, via our new social  media buttons you can instantly invite your loved ones into a virtual gazing session with you.  It’s a wonderful, new world of technology and here’s how it works:

Find the chat box on your Braco-tv screen once you are logged in. The chat scrolls on the right as an option to run, read, and participate in while Braco-tv is streaming.  Some come an hour before and stay on between sessions enjoying the community which gathers.

There are now three Social Media Buttons above this chat box.   See “Share the gift?” (look below…)


… Now, everyone in the live streaming chat room with a click of these social media buttons, may open the specific social media website of choice, (ie., Twitter, Facebook, Google +). There, one may check to see if logged in, and if so, the button when clicked will post an immediate invitation for other friends of y/ours to join us right away in the Braco-tv live stream. We think this is great for all spontaneous souls and those actively magnetizing well-being for themselves and their world alike.
The idea is not only to expand the gift you are opening from Braco, but also embrace a positive Maharishi Effect of happy hearts posting to their wall about Braco and gifts via his live streaming, effectively cocreating a virtual paradigm shift of peace and well-being for the world. Friends/family/followers of your shares will see this post and if they like the idea, they will have the option to click a link back to the media player and immediately join us in the live streaming session.

For we all know how Braco’s gift can grow through our sharing, right? (If not read more on this website, ask questions on our Braco, America Facebook, & stay tuned. It’s a wonderful by-product of this unique gift that comes through Braco for us all to enjoy.)


Thanks for playing with your buttons and sharing the joy.

See you in the Braco-tv Live Stream soon.

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