A Gift of Transformation

Sun Symbol (Sunce)

The Rise of the Sun  

The 13 pointed sun symbol associated with Braco (AKA Sunce, pronounced soon-say, Croatian for “sun”) or sunstar symbol, as we around here sometimes call it, sprang from a vision given to Braco’s beloved mentor, the prophet/healer Ivica Prokic. Ivica included this symbol on the cover and the title page of all of his books. As a surprise for his beloved mentor, Braco transformed this unique shape from Ivica’s vision into a 14K gold, 3 dimensional gift for Ivica, which, after receiving yet another vision of its significance, Ivica then was compelled to wear daily.


In kind, Ivica had another sunce created and gave it to his dear Braco. This pendant was the first of five pendants Braco has worn over the year and continues to wear, 16 years after Ivica’s passing.


The 13 pointed golden sunce was soon given as a gift to all those working closely with first Ivica and then Braco, and it wasn’t long until the people who came to see Braco also began requesting the sunce and it became the gift of Ivica and Braco to those who were drawn to the warmth of this sun.


Stories soon emerged from the people wearing the sunces attributing to this pure gold “sun star” the same transformative energy which they feel while in Braco’s gaze — stories that continue to amaze Internet forums, facebook strings, and even within our own Braco, The Gaze of Light– Journey to Hawaii, DVD. Here, in Braco’s first American documentary, a woman who had just purchased a simple gold sunce after her first gazing session went home to a grandson who’d been bit by a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish & was screaming with pain. She got a “hit” and gave him the sun to hold in his hand and when he woke up the next day, the pain had vanished, (FYI, this is very, very unusual as the pain from such bites throb for days and usually leaves one with intense itching, but for this little boy — there was, post sunce, reportedly nothing on his arm.)


Sun(ce) Power
Blog by Megan MacArthur

We were on our way back from Santa Fe to see Zenne and explore some venues in the city for the eventual arrival of Braco to New Mexico. Zenne met us at the pyramid-we parked our car and hopped in hers-leaving our luggage to rest while we traveled for hours around the area.

Three + hours later we returned as it was time to begin our journey to the airport off to the next city. I hopped out of the car to retrieve a small gift for Zenne and popped the trunk on our rental car to the area where our bundles of baggage had been sitting and cooking in the heat. I reached across with keys in hand to fetch my small bag of goodies-suddenly stung and sizzled by a pain filled shock-the metal handle on Jane’s garment bag impressed itself upon the soft white flesh of my right forearm. Startled by the blast I flung the keys at high speed out of my hand at Zenne- she was unscathed. I quickly looked at my arm to see that I had been instantly burned -and the shape – what was it…oval – with something in the middle-it was….the Samsonite Celtic Knot-blazing red skin surrounding the white tones of the symbol. Immediately it began to rise and swell with the pain of the sizzling 3rd degree burn. I did what I have grown accustomed to doing – I put my sunce (pronounced soon-say, which means sun star in Croatian, the symbol identified with Braco & Ivica) pendant on it to heal immediately.

After an hour with the sunce on my arm I looked at it and the skin was flat-no rise-nothing swelling-very red-and the knot symbol very white. A branding of sorts, and still extremely painful. We continued to travel and eventually got on the plane-after a short nap I awoke to no pain – skin was smooth – bright red, but pain-free. As the days went on the burn remained bright red with the white symbol clear and visible. Now, two weeks later, nothing, the burn never peeled and scabbed, or bubbled-just an intense burn-red and painful for a short time and then nothing.

I use the sunce on everything – all pains – for my body, heart and mind and for my children. My children are very sensitive to the sunce - my eldest holds it and says she feels happy when she holds it. She is still young and does not quite wear a necklace regularly yet-soon-maybe 5th grade graduation…or 8th.

I have seen remarkable things happen to my body with the use of this pendant. I am a firm believer in the power of this symbol and the gold and diamonds which run its energy. I feel connected to Braco’s energy-and at the source of that, the universal energy of potential available to all. With this tool I feel one step closer to miraculous self-healing.  Remember Braco and Ivica’s use of the gold and eventually the layers of gold reduced-could this be a step toward greater energetic connection? I hope you join in on the possibilities-we have the potential to self heal and heal others. It is an awareness level-turn it on-turn it up and go for it.”


We wish to note that Jane burned herself on the oven rack 24 mos. ago, in the same tender forearm area — it bubbled up just like Megan’s burn did, but Jane still has a scar.  (This was well before we met Braco or had any knowledge of the sunce.)

Additional Note from Jane —  Again, this is strictly one testimony.  We make no promises or guarantees that you would have the same results as what Megan personally experienced, or any of the many others who have shared their experiences.  None of what we do is to replace conventional wisdom or practical medical advice.  We simply offer these testimonies as a door for you to open or not – an option for you to try and experiment with if you feel so moved.  It’s been very cool to witness how Megan uses her sunce with her kids.  We have a tiny video taken on my iPhone during a slumber party at Megan’s house with another testimony that sadly I can’t post because I had my headset on and you can only hear my side of the chat.  Nevertheless, the clip is of a 9 yr. old friend of Megan’s daughters who also burned herself, but on the cookie sheet.  She was so excited to share with me and show via Skype while I was in Croatia how her burn disappeared within minutes of Auntie Megan’s putting on her sunce to help.

While there are many testimonials of feelings that the sunce carries Braco’s gift — for others its different. Some say the sunce jewelry simply makes them happy, or keeps them thinking about the how Braco so generously shares with the people around the world — it gives them a sense of comfort or peace.  Others use it as a touchstone for remembering the feeling of love that warms them like an inner sun when they stand before Braco’s gaze.  Still others… they like it just because it’s pretty.  And isn’t that good enough?

The Sunce Jewelry is only available at the live Braco events around the world or at Srebrnak 1, Braco’s healing center in Zagreb, Croatia, and while it cannot shipped, we can take your requests for ring sizes, as they are limited, early online and then you may complete your purchase and pick up at the event of your choice.


Holding light

Since the days when Ivica and Braco first shared this 13-pointed symbol of the sun with one another as a symbolic vessel of that spectacular essence which they shared freely, much like a soul to a body, the sun(ce) in jewelry form has inspired countless testimonies of something inexplicably special in its properties of sharing and supporting light.

We look forward to hearing your stories, too, how this jewelry makes you feel, so if you have a story … please share it with us at BracoAmerica@gmail.com      Hvala!


Testimonial from Croatia where they have long recognized the potency of the Sunce:

The golden symbol of Sun became a symbol of people who wake up after a long, long sleep and only by touching it and keeping it close to their heart they feel security and peace of mind knowing that all of their problems will be solved only if they believe. The key word is faith, because dear Ivica taught us: (“Koliko vjeruješ-toliko ćeš nositi!”) “How much faith you bring- that much good you will carry!”

I have (had) this Sun for over 15 years and it helped me through life. When I was still in high school with just having a book “Golden Key” in my backpack and the symbol of Sun, all difficult exams I passed with excellent marks, without any studying at home.  It kept me safe from all kind of injuries and even with people who always tried to hurt me, in one way or another, they vanished out of my life. When Braco was still advising (speaking aloud) he told me exactly the age when I was going to be pregnant! My doctors said because of my bad health condition that I could never have or keep my pregnancy, but I´m now proud mother of two beautiful butterflies, aged 8 and 7. Interesting also is the story of our sticker of the Sun symbol. We have it on our car and like many people who also have it say- we don´t need car insurance!!!”  — MONJA from Zagreb(nastavak slijedi)

One time when we have decided to sell our car we went to Srebrnjak 1, so that we could sell it successfully and Braco told us: “We will protect it.”  It was strange for us, because we didn’t´t ask for protection, but for successful selling of our car. That very night someone try to steal it, and guess what-they failed-because it was PROTECTED! Later on we sold it for a very good price.

During this period of 15 protected years God, Ivica & Braco, symbol of Sun, books, tapes, DVDs and people in “golden chain” made drastic (good) changes in my life, and the life of my family ,etc. We are thankful…and that’s even close to enormity of the sensation that we feel and carry. All the people who have received that divine energy know that feeling that we are blessed,  and that the golden symbol of Sun is the part of our blessing sent from Heaven HVALA Obitelj Habulin iz Zagreba”  -   Darko,Ivona,Longina i Monja

In Europe, people grateful for that which they claim they’ve received from Braco’s gaze in turn wish to gift their loved ones with the same uplifting energy and many use his DVDs to introduce Braco.  Braco doesn’t accept donations or take anything from this gift of healing (from the door’s tickets or otherwise — these support the tour and the staff tour).  Braco does, however, use the royalties from the videos & 21 Days with Braco to support Srbrnjak 1 his Visitor Center and staff in Zagreb, as well as take care of his family.



Testimonial from Shannon C. written to Jane on June 5, 2012

Hi, had an interesting experience with Sunce pendant last night. Went to bed & stomach pain bad enough to keep my attention. I started thinking of Sunce pendant I’m wearing & gazing w/Braco, but pain continued. I decided to touch Sunce with my hand & a strange but wonderful thing began to happen. Almost instantaneously the stomach pain began breaking up into non painful ‘pieces’ and dispersing into different directions in abdominal area, causing the stomach pain to subside. Wanted to let you know … Thank you Braco & all!


Note from Jane:  On our birthday snorkle here in Hawaii, 11/28/10 our daughter stepped on a sea urchin whose spine went about a 1/4” into her heel with great, tearful pain.  

Auntie Megan tried to extract it, but sadly half of the spine broke and stayed in Violet’s heel. Auntie then quickly wrapped her diamond sunce necklace around Violet’s ankle letting the sunce dangle on the embedded spine in Violet’s heel while it soaked about ten minutes in the ocean.

The heel continued to throb but also immediately began to tingle with a more pleasurable sensation — enough that Violet begged to go out into the sea kayak with Karl for happier distraction – so off they went with the diamond sunce necklace round her ankle.

Within an hour, even though the spine remained in her heel, Violet was running on it with no pain whatsoever, no residual itching or discomfort.  And though the spine is still working its way out, no infection occurred nor has any pain returned.

We are so grateful for Auntie Megan’s experimentation with her sunce and are inspired to experiment more with ours.  If this is of interest to you, know we make no promises, just simply invite you to try out the sunces for yourself at our events. For some, they just enjoy the sunce as Braco & Ivica’s symbol and as a pretty touchstone to all they experienced in Braco’s gaze.

Auntie has had no training or prior experience with this sort of healing – had never even seen a sunce before Dec. ‘09, but we remain awed by her ongoing stories.


Sunces in action pictures at left, (above) my daughter removing my necklace on that fateful birthday at the beach and (2nd picture) both Auntie Jane’s and Megan’s sunce necklaces working on Megan’s daughter’s foot after Auntie Jane accidental squashed her foot at the Honolulu airport under her Croatian boots — her pain subsided immediately and the cut heeled up right away, but now Megan’s daughters are especially careful around Auntie Jane’s boots. (Below) All better! Auntie Megan & Violet a few hours after our beach encounter with the sea urchin.  Auntie’s sunce is back round her neck holding its brilliant sparkling light. (Bottom photo) Close up of Violet’s heel two weeks later. The urchin spine is still embedded, still working its way out, but nothing further came of the injury except this opportunity to share how Auntie’s sunce is helping.


Or read this story that unfolded in real time
on Facebook March 1 & 2, 2011:

  Kai’s hands three hours after the injury

“About 45 min ago (~4:00 PM HST) from across the island Auntie M got a call from Kai that his hand was smashed by a bat during baseball practice & could she come home & work on it, that he needed her to do her sunce “stuff.” She said she’d start from here so though his baseball team trainer said he’d need an Xray, it was very swollen and likely broken since it was hit so hard, but he said he’d go home from the diamond & ice it til I returned. He called from the road a short while later & said it was still swollen, but much less, but more already felt better. At this very moment Auntie is still feeling the Energy running thru her necklace & sunce ring — a bit like she feels in a gazing session — zizzy. Just got a call that he can now make a fist. We’ll let you know if he makes his school baseball tournament on Maui this weekend.


 Kai’s hands the next day

Kai’s AM update (7:30 AM HST): I was trying to post the picture of his hands, but it will have to be for the website, but now it is just a tiny bit swollen! The only soreness is a little cut & the only bruising is a tiny sliver on the side of his ring finger. He said, “Coach is going to be so happy! Thank you, Auntie & Braco!”

My husband described what happened in greater detail last night about how the hitter who accidentally smashed Kai’s hand in practice with “a full cut” swing is a big, powerful hitter & the coaches were really upset for Kai is the team’s starting First baseman, they need him & were sure he’d broken many bones. I’m really proud of his trusting that he could open up to & allow that healing to happen so fast thru his heart & connection to this Energy. And yes, he has his one tiny sunce earring on today. I’ll let you know what the doctor, his coach, & trainer say later.

Hvala & love..

Kai update: (12:00 PM HST) Just came from the doctor’s office & the hospital. (Kai was put through the paces by the doctor and the assessment was excellent.) Full mobility, flexion, strength. Still only a teeny bit of swelling now 20 hours later, only that sliver of bruising on inside of finger & no pain, only tenderness on one point as the doctor squeezed one finger hard. Still to play in this baseball tournament, based upon the coach & trainer’s assessment watching the massive whack & the intense swelling that occurred immediately (& before Auntie M began sending energy thru her sunce) they wanted X-rays. And… The X-rays of Kai’s hands are perfect — no broken or even cracked bones! I got copies of the X-rays & will post pictures on our website when I can. (added here on the webpage the next day.)

Thank you again, Braco & Auntie M”

    Outside ER 20 hours later & his perfect X-Ray  

Note for the website:

The Coaches are blown away, saying “This could only happen to you, Sunshine.”  OMG, I just realized that “Sunshine” is the nickname given to Kai by his teammates two years ago based upon his straight arrow nature, much like the character in the movie, “Friday Night Lights.”  Little did his teammates then know how connected this sun symbol would be to Kai these past two days and his quiet belief that miracles are every day events around Braco & his Energy. Play ball!  Kai’s on his way to the tournament on Maui tomorrow!



Update four days later:  Kai played in the entire baseball tournament, starting at First Base for his team and then rotating in to pitch his special curve ball with no problem whatsoever with his hand — no swelling, no pain, no loss of strength.  They didn’t win, but Kai found something more precious than a win.  A yes, than anything is possible.

Now if Auntie could only help him with his homework from missing two days of school…

Again, Auntie is no trained healer nor does she profess to be.  She is as mystified as anyone that this happens somehow running energy through her sunce.  We acknowledge that these are extraordinary occurrences and make no guarantees you will have the same success if your hand gets smashed or you step on an a sea urchin.

Kai update… Kai was very upset the day before the island playoffs for the State Tournament because his sunce earring fell off during practice on his school’s home field.  He spent an hour combing the baseball field to no avail. The next day, across the island at the University of Hawaii, Hilo they had a “miraculous” game powering hits to such an extent they beat the #1 team on the island to whom they’d lost twice before.  The next day they earned their seat at the State Baseball Tournament in May, 2011 in Hawaii.

FYI, Kai’s hand has been perfect the entire season since his remote sunce healing.  (See him in action here at left in the local paper as first baseman.) If interesting to you, try to see how this symbol feels at one of our events. Maybe you, too, can be the change…


New limited editionwomen’s diamond banded sunce ring( right) and

SPECTACULAR Sunce crusted with yellow diamonds on both sides enlarged here (large picture below) to show detail. (below left), regular single sided sunce on child’s 12” chain


Sunce single-sided pendant with single small diamond gold chain…………………………………………….$290.

Sunce double-sided pendant with small diamond on each side with gold chain…………………………..$470.

Sunce post earrings ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………$190.

Sunce double-sided drop earrings………………………………………………………..(out of stock) ……………..$890.

Women’s cuff ring with simple white crusted diamonds in sunce shape  …………………………………..$2860.

Sunce men’s ring, limited sizes…………….(write us)……………………………………..price upon request at event

Sunce unisex dogtag style pendant designed by Braco…………………………………price upon request at event

Spectacular white crusted diamond Sunce on gold chain. Very limited edition Price upon request at event

Spectacular yellow crusted diamond Sunce on gold chain. Very limited edition. Price upon request at event.

Hollywood white crusted diamond post earrings…………….Very limited edition.  Price upon request at event.

Hollywood yellow crusted diamond post earrings……………Very limited edition.  Price upon request at event.

All jewelry is 14K solid gold, including the chains for the pendants. Thank you for inspecting your jewelry carefully before purchase.  Please note the yellow diamond pieces modeled after the yellow diamond sunce pendant that Braco himself currently wears and that we have are very rare and so very limited when they sell out that will be it.  If you are interested in yellow diamond rings, pendants, or earrings, please contact us soon as it is very likely we will sell these few pieces we have currently have in stock in May.

All sales for jewelry final. No exchanges. We will have a few extra shorter sizes of 12” chains for children and longer 24” chains for adults, plus new jewelry not mentioned for trial.  Swing by the table and see for yourself.

The spectacular Sunce (above) was created by Braco & dear friend Moishe specially for us in America.  Based upon the larger inlaid yellow diamond sunce Braco wears in America, these are magnificent creations brilliantly blazing with light.  All the sunces carry something exquisite so please ask us at the Braco events if you wish to take a peek how they blaze & pulse.

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